“Artist who combines classic and popular, sacredness and seduction.” Lorenzo Arruga

Mariano is an Argentinean composer, arranger, pianist and singer who lives in Italy.

With an intense background of performances in theaters and halls of international prestige and more than 15 years of experience in arranging for small and large ensembles, Mariano Speranza is positioned in the international scene as a reference point for tango and traditional Argentine music.

His creative process is centered on the emotion and functionality of every melodic gesture and every sensation created in the choice of his harmonies. In his music you can glimpse his history, his classical training, his passage to opera and the unmistakable style of his ensemble Tango Spleen which pulses with contemporary originality.

His works are constantly requested by singers, instrumental ensembles, choreographers, dancers. With his symphonic and chamber music arrangements, he works alongside the renowned Argentinean tenor Marcelo Álvarez (Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Novaya Moscow Theater, Tokyo Opera City, etc.); he also creates various tango arrangements for the dancer and choreographer Miguel Ángel Zotto; collaborates with several dance companies such as Naturalis Labor and Tango Rouge Company in the main Italian and European theaters (Romeo and Juliet Tango, Noches de Buenos Aires, Piazzolla Tango…).

Mariano has been arranger in various musical projects such as: Vox 40 by Bernardo Lanzetti, fusion of tango and progressive rock for Ma.Ra.Cash Records; Sin confines album by soprano Ivanna Speranza performed by Parma Opera Ensemble (BAM Music); of the German tour Temporal in 2015 by the Uruguayan singer-songwriter Malena Muyala, Tango Fado, performed by Tango Spleen Orquesta together with singer Elisa Ridolfi, Tango, la speranza nascosta, a didactic repertoire of symphonic tango performed by the youth orchestra Ego Bianchi for the Cuneo Tango Festival, among others.

He is the winner of the Suoni Senza Confini competition (Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso, 2010) with his composition Milonga Schupi.

Since 2019 the Swiss publishing house Eurindia Edizioni has published his arrangements and compositions, including the concert for a piano soloist, string orchestra and percussion entitled Doctango, a tribute to his hometown, and has commissioned him to compose a Misa Argentina  for solo tenor, choir and symphony orchestra piece, with a very successful debut at the Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2023 interpreted by Marcelo Álvarez as tenor soloist, Mariano Speranza on piano, Fernando Álvarez conducting and the Orchestra and Chorus of the Opera Carlo Felice of Genova.

Mariano graduated in piano from the Felix Garzón Conservatory of Cordoba Argentina, where he also studied opera singing and composition, and studied orchestration at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

He is the founder of Tango Spleen Orquesta, a group he has been performing with since 2008, in more than 25 countries (Europe, Argentina, USA, Asia), collaborating with famous artists and recording 6 albums.

Mariano loves to work with passion, where he puts sensitivity and the ideal of beauty at the forefront, meeting people who have the drive like him of constantly searching for inspiration and poetry.